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Eric & The Groove Section
verfügen über ein grosses Repertoire,
Beispiele sind:

Ꚛ  Crazy (SEAL)
Ꚛ  Crocodile Rock (Elton John)
Ꚛ  Dancing in the moonlight (King Harvest)
Ꚛ  El Talisman (Rosana)
Ꚛ  Entre dos tierras (Heroes Del Silencio)
Ꚛ  Every breath you take (The Police)
Ꚛ  Fever (Peggy Lee)
Ꚛ  Gypsy (Suzane Vega)
Ꚛ  I will survive (Gloria Gaynors)
Ꚛ  Lady Madonna (The Beatles)
Ꚛ  Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
Ꚛ  Locked out of heaven (Bruno Mars)
Ꚛ  Long train (Doobie Brothers)
Ꚛ  Lost on you (LP)
Ꚛ  Love rears its ugly head (Living Color)
Ꚛ  Mr. Cabdriver (Lenny Kravitz)
Ꚛ  Rhythm is love (Keziah Jones)
Ꚛ  Rosemary (Lenny Kravitz)
Ꚛ  Rush (Freakpower)
Ꚛ  Stand by me (Ben E. King)
Ꚛ  Stay (Riana)
Ꚛ  Still haven’t found (U2)
Ꚛ  Viva la vida (Coldplay)
Ꚛ  You give me something (James Morrison)

Eigene Songs:
Ꚛ  Angel of my lifetime
Ꚛ  East and West
Ꚛ  For you
Ꚛ  Going under
Ꚛ  Harmony rules
Ꚛ  How long
Ꚛ  I’m alive
Ꚛ  Live right now
Ꚛ  Moonlight
Ꚛ  New day
Ꚛ  Precious Time
Ꚛ  Soul lady
Ꚛ  Stop feeling Blue
Ꚛ  Talking to you
Ꚛ  The man from
Ꚛ  Wonderful day
Ꚛ  You and I
Ꚛ  Your touch
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